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Russian Senator Claims That ‘Republicans Trust Putin More Than The Democrats’


Russian Senator Claims That ‘Republicans Trust Putin More Than The Democrats’

Republicans have shown by now that they don’t believe that Russia actually influenced the election. Russia has also denied any involvement in interfering in the election. One of Russia’s top officials, Alexey Sushkov said on Saturday that the Republicans had more trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin than in the Democrats. This was after accusing the Obama administration of undermining U.S. democracy.

Pushkov sent out a series of tweets Saturday after a U.S. intelligence report came out that pointed out Putin and Russia as being responsible for the hackings done during the presidential election.

Pushkov, a Russian senator and former chairman of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, first tweeted early Saturday, “The Democratic process in the United States is undermined not by Russia, but by the Obama administration and the media which supported (Hillary) Clinton against (Donald) Trump. The threat to democracy is the United States.”

He then tweeted “The head of the US Ministry of Defense accused Putin of bad relations between USA and Russia. Obama undertook a course to isolate and to undermine the positions of Russia and blame Putin. Complete nonsense.”

The Russian senator ended his rally of tweets on Saturday by saying that Republicans trusted Putin more than the Democrats:

“Obama dismayed: Republicans trust Putin more than the Democrats. This is the ‘merit’ of the Democrats and one of the results of Obama’s presidency.”

It’s scary to think that his accusations may actually be true. We’ve seen how much Donald Trump praises Putin time and time again, as well as denying our country’s intelligence team.

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