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Ryan Dodges Question, Throws Trump Under The Bus


Ryan Dodges Question, Throws Trump Under The Bus

Donald Trump has been a big burden on Republicans since he took office. With all the scandals surrounding him, the Republican party is losing voters and they might ultimately lose control of the house come 2018.

Paul Ryan was asked during a press conference:

“Considering the maelstrom that you’ve dealt with with Trump and Russia, there have been members who have said we might be better with Vice President Pence.”

But Ryan did not come to Trump’s rescue, instead he completely dodged the question.

Ryan said, “Oh, good grief. I’m not even going to give credence to that. I’m not even going to comment on that.”

The questioner continued, “But your members are saying.”

Ryan replied, “There’s not any point of making any comment on that.”

Ryan had the chance to defend Trump and speak good words of the president, but instead he decided to prove people right.

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