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Ryan Finally Sounds Alarm About Donald Trump, And It’s Not Pretty


Ryan Finally Sounds Alarm About Donald Trump, And It’s Not Pretty

Speaker Paul Ryan has finally realized that Donald Trump’s erratic behavior has put the House in play. During a conference call Wednesday evening, House Speaker Paul Ryan told top donors he’s growing concerned about whether House Republicans will be able to weather the political storm this November — and suggested the outcome for his party could be “dire,” according to Politico.

Ryan pointed out that the GOP nominee is doing worse than McCain in ’08, when Republicans lost 21 seats. Barack Obama beat MaCain by seven percentage points. By comparison, Ryan pointed out grimly, Trump is trailing by around 10 percent nationally, and getting worse by the day. This time, a Hillary win could be a landslide.

Democrats must net 30 seats in order to capture the majority, a difficult task, but one that’s become more realistic as Trump sinks in the polls.

Ryan’s comments came as new stories were breaking in the New York Times, Palm Beach Post and Rolling Stone alleging that Trump improperly touched four women in separate incidents going back decades.



The Trump campaign denied the allegations and has threatened to sue publications, yet the controversy over the GOP nominee’s interactions with women  has led to a collapse in his poll numbers and threatens to sweep away the House and Senate GOP majorities.

Trump is furious that Ryan told his House GOP colleagues in a Monday call that he will no longer defend the Republican presidential nominee and that members should worry about their own races, not the presidential battle.

In response, Trump has launched an all-out attack on Ryan on Twitter and in public rallies. In a campaign stop in Florida on Wednesday, Trump Trump suggested Ryan is part of some “sinister deal” to undermine his bid for the White House, although he didn’t offer specifics.

“There is a whole deal going on there,” Trump said. “There is a whole deal going on and we’re going to figure it out. I always figure things out. But there’s a whole sinister deal going on.”

Republicans are ripping what they sowed. If they back away from their own nominee for president, that’s going to spell disaster down-ticket. If they stand by him, they risk going down with the Trump’s sinking ship. No matter how you put it, they lose.

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