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Ryan Is Greeted By Protestors Chanting ‘Shame’ As He Enters Harlem Charter School

House Speaker Paul Ryan was met by a group of protestors outside of a New York City charter school as they chanted “shame.”

Ryan was making his scheduled visit to the Success Academy 1 Charter School in Harlem on Tuesday where demonstrators stood across the street chanting “healthcare for all not just for Paul.”

Protestors also chanted as Ryan left the building: “health care is a human right, how can you sleep at night?”

The protest was organized by liberal groups such as the Working Families Party.

This protest comes as a result of the House passing the American Health Care Act bill.

The AHCA bill is now under consideration in the Senate, although Republicans in the Senate have stated that they plan to make their own bill. This will cause problems within the GOP if they want to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

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