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Ryan Just Gave The Most Pathetic Excuse As To Why They Won’t Impeach Trump

House Speaker House Ryan defended Donald Trump on Thursday after former FBI Director James Comey had testified in front of a Senate committee.

Ryan insisted on Thursday that Republicans wouldn’t be calling for the impeachment of a Democratic president accused of the same actions as President Trump.

“No. I don’t think we would, actually. I don’t think that’s at all the case,” Ryan said.

Ryan said that the reason Trump’s behavior was due to his lack of experience in government. He noted Comey’s testimony, detailing that the former FBI Director told Trump multiple times that he was not personally under investigation.

“What I got out of that testimony is, we now know why he was so frustrated when the FBI director told him three times there’s no investigation of him, yet that speculation was allowed to continue,” Ryan said.

“The president’s new at this. He’s new to government. So, he probably wasn’t steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between [the Department of Justice], the FBI and White Houses. He’s just new to this,” he added.

But Ryan acknowledged later: “I’m not saying it’s an acceptable excuse. It’s just my observation.”

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