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Sally Yates’ Tweet About Trump Just Set The Internet On Fire


Sally Yates’ Tweet About Trump Just Set The Internet On Fire

Following Donald Trump’s disastrous G20 summit in Germany, where he refused to confirm the Russian election interference and instead called into question the credibility of the U.S. Intelligence community, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, Sally Yates, issued a scorching rebuke on of the president’s “inexplicable” actions on Twitter.

“POTUS’ inexplicable refusal to confirm Russian election interference insults career intel pros & hinders our ability to prevent in future,” Yates wrote on Twitter.

The former Deputy AG referred to the fact that Trump seems more than willing to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims that he “did not meddle in our election” over our own intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, and the Director of National Intelligence. All of these agencies had “high confidence” that Russian spies interfered in our election on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

While Trump doesn’t seem to mind this blatant and unprecedented attack on our democracy, Sally Yates is more than willing to speak out.

As noted by The Washington Journal:

“This is not Yates’ first instance of frustration with the President. During what is now referred to as the “Monday Night Massacre,” Trump fired then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she announced that her Department of Justice would not defend his unconstitutional executive order on immigration, otherwise known as his “travel ban.” She was duly praised by the Democratic National Committee for standing up to a “tyrannical” president.

Just as Yates stood up for justice then, she is continuing to speak the truth now. Trump’s absurd insistence on taking Putin at his word – his “vehement denial” – is not only a stunning rebuke to our intelligence community but sends a clear message to Putin and the Russians that the United States will not punish foreign interference in our elections.”

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