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WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Issues The Most Absurd Defense Of Trump’s Attacks On Reporters

Friday’s press briefing at the White House raised eyebrows after Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that President Trump is “an incredible advocate of the First Amendment,” and accused the media of not being “positive enough” about the erratic president.

Huckabee Sanders’ comments came after CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked her if President Donald Trump valued the “First Amendment as much as he values the Second Amendment.”

“The president is an incredible advocate of the First Amendment,” she said.

Of course, that is a claim everyone in the room knew wasn’t true.

Then Sanders went on to talk about how the press isn’t “positive” enough about Trump, as though we’re living under an authoritarian regime.

She also claimed the news media needed to be more “accurate” after making a demonstrably false claim right to the journalists’ faces.

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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