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Sarah Palin Falls And Cracks Her Head. Somehow Makes It All About Hillary Clinton

sarah palin

There was a time when former half-term Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was popular by GOP standards. Way back before the hoopla, and way before she endorsed Donald Trump. That’s not the case anymore.

It’s hard to keep track of what caused her brand to implode. There was Fox News, reality television, the book, the steady stream of social media snits, the house in Arizona, a family run-in with the cops and Bristol’s baby-mama drama. Well, there are so many things!

But while she’s almost invisible in public life, she manages to pop up in the news. This time, by hitting a new low – literally!

On Sunday, the former VP candidate wrote on Facebook that she slipped and fell, cracking her head on a rock, then -get this- used the incident as a way to criticize Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. You cannot make this up!

Here’s a screenshot of her Facebook post:


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