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Sarah Sanders Struggles With The Truth In Combative CNN Interview

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on CNN for an interview that covered a wide range of topics ranging from potential impeachment hearings to the president’s stalled infrastructure plan. It didn’t go well.

During the interview, Sanders was tried to push President Donald Trump’s talking points about Democrats not bothering to pass legislation and instead only working to investigate the White House.

Camerota, however, stopped her in her tracks and pointed out that Congress has been passing bills.

“From January 3rd to the present, which is not that long, the House has passed 248 bills, the Senate has passed 161, a total of 379,” she said. “That’s not nothing!”

Sanders tried to laugh off the hundreds of bills that Congress has passed this year and she said that they weren’t “significant pieces of legislation that… are going to change the course of the country.”

Camerota also fact-checked Sanders for her claim that House Democrats have made it impossible to work on an infrastructure package.

“It’s the president who is saying that he can’t do infrastructure while he’s being investigated,” she pointed out. “He is the one who walked out of the meeting.”

Watch Sander’s response in the video below.

Watch the video below.

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