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‘Saturday Night Live’ Nails Mike Pence’s NFL Walkout In It’s True Form

In its latest episode, ‘Saturday Night Live’ mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave an NFL game after some players kneeled during the national anthem.

In the hilarious skit, Alec Baldwin, as President Trump, checks in with Pence, played by cast member Beck Bennett, at an Indiana Pacers NBA game.

“What about the anthem?” Baldwin’s Trump asks.

“It’s starting now,” Pence responds as he and the crowd stand.

“What are the players doing?” Trump asks. “Are they acting like little SOBs?”

“No, they seem to be respectful,” Pence replies. “Wait, one of them is kneeling.”

“Get out there! Mike, bail!” Trump yells. “Haul ass, Mike!”

Trump later calls Pence, telling him to leave a Starbucks because it doesn’t have Christmas-themed cups, and to leave a same-sex wedding.

Watch the video below via CNN:

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