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Watch: Scaramucci Goes Down In Flames Trying To Clean Up His ‘Train Wreck’ On CNN


Watch: Scaramucci Goes Down In Flames Trying To Clean Up His ‘Train Wreck’ On CNN

Appearing on CNN on Thursday, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tried to explain his embarrassing tweet in which he angrily lashed out at whoever leaked his financial disclosure form, despite the fact that the form is public record.

During his lengthy explanation, a panicked Scaramucci fumed about the ways that seemingly everything that occurs inside the White House — from his dinner with Sean Hannity Wednesday night to his financial disclosure form — leaks out almost instantly to the media.

“What I’m upset about is the process — and the junk pool, the dirty pool — in terms of the way this stuff is being done,” Scaramucci he told CN’s Chris Cuomo. “I can’t have a couple of friends up from Fox & Friends, and Sean Hannity, who’s one of my closest friends, to dinner with the president and his first lady without it being leaked in seven minutes.”

Scaramucci then said that, when it comes to leaks, “the fish stinks from the head down.” Despite this, however, he said that President Donald Trump was not responsible for any of the leaks that occur from within the White House.

“I can tell you two fish that don’t stink,” he told Cuomo. “And that’s me and the president.”

Scaramucci then complained that some members of the White House feel that “it’s their job to save America from this president.”

“That is not their job,” he said. “Their job is to inject this president into America.”

Watch the video below.

His comments come just hours after he tweeted that he would be contacting the FBI and Department of Justice over the “leak” of his financial disclosure form — a document that is publicly available.

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