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Scarborough Hits Trump With The Harsh Truth About Why People Despise Him


Scarborough Hits Trump With The Harsh Truth About Why People Despise Him

Donald Trump is growing increasingly less popular with each day that passes. Every new poll being conducted shows his approval ratings plummeting. Now, he’s scrambling to find out the reason why so many people despise him.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough explained exactly why. He called on Trump to get rid of his chief strategist Steve Bannon if he has any hopes in saving his presidency.

“His attacks on the press, on the courts, his attacks on just about everybody, yes, it plays to his, quote, base,” Scarborough said. “His base is 35 percent, 36 percent. There are about 10 percent of Americans who voted for him because he is not Hillary Clinton. His base is 35 percent, 36 percent. That’s what he’s boiled down to because he has simply refused to listen to everybody that has told him you need to reach out and be more inclusive.”

“If he wants to get his 36 percent to 56 percent, he’s going to have to fire Steve Bannon and anyone else who calls himself a Leninist who wants to destroy the American republic, and start working with Republicans and Democrats,” Scarborough said.

“Do what 78 percent of Americans told NBC News a couple weeks ago — they want their leaders to compromise and work with the other side and make Washington work again,” he continued.

The MSNBC host took his time to mock Bannon who is reportedly an avowed Leninist who wants to “destroy the state.”

“‘Oh, they’re going to want me to be Vladimir Lenin and tear down the government because 65 percent of americans are against us’ — what idiots,” he said.

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