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Schwarzenegger On Trump’s Budget Plan: He’s ‘Robbing’ The Children

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump have been having a feud for a while now. The latest hit comes from former the California governor who claimed Trump’s budget cuts will be taking away from the children.

“President Trump promised us that he wants to ‘make America great again.’ That’s not how you make America great — by taking $1.2 billion away from the children and robbing them blind,” the former Republican governor said during a speech at the National After School Summit on Wednesday.

“Why would he do that? Why would he want to balance the budget on the backs of those kids. Kids are the most vulnerable citizens,” he said.

Trump’s budget plan will cut nearly $3 billion from education programs, this includes $1.2 billion being taken away from after school programs.

So far, Schwarzenegger seems to be winning the feud. He actually cares about the children and the future of our kids. On the other hand Trump is taking billions of dollars that could go to helping kids grow and develop.

Maybe if he didn’t take so many trips to his fancy resorts he wouldn’t have to cut from funding school programs.

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