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Sean Hannity Is Going Berserk, Still Mad Ted Koppel Said He Was ‘Bad for America’


Sean Hannity Is Going Berserk, Still Mad Ted Koppel Said He Was ‘Bad for America’

Fox News right-wing commentator Sean Hannity is often very upset, at things like the suspected political leanings of his former colleague Megyn Kelly; the past friendships of President Barack Obama; the resignation of Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn; etc. But the primary target of his anger in recent days has been Ted Koppel, a veteran news anchor and contributor to CBS News.

Hannity had a confrontational interview with Koppel during a report that aired on the CBS show “Sunday Morning” last weekend.

In the televised footage, Hannity was shown complaining about socialism, liberalism and “angry snowflakes,” right-wing slang for liberals that conservatives see as easily upset. Well, the Fox pundit did not like at all.

And it looks as though the minute or so of the full interview that was aired may have been the part that Mr. Hannity found the most insulting.

Mr. Hannity asked if Mr. Koppel thought he and his Fox News show were “bad for America.” Mr. Koppel responded, “Yeah.”

“Really?” Mr. Hannity responded, his voice rising an octave or two. “That’s sad, Ted. That’s sad.”

Why did Mr. Koppel think Mr. Hannity’s show was bad for America?

“You have attracted people who have determined that ideology is more important than facts,” Mr. Koppel said. He also told Mr. Hannity, an enthusiastic on-air supporter of President Trump, “You are very good at what you do.”

Koppel’s response is still driving Hannity bonkers. What he has done for the last three nights is use his show to put his anger on full display.

“Ted, you show in this clip, you are not a journalist,” Hannity said on Monday’s show. He has denounced the segment as “edited fake news”, even when it is his own words. He has compared Mr. Koppel to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — perhaps the worst insult a Fox News host can throw at you.

Hannity described himself as “a talk-show host” and “an advocacy journalist” who covers stories — like President Obama’s ties to “black liberation theology,” he said.

But he also used the word “news” to describe the lies he spread to his viewers, asking Mr. Koppel, “How can I be bad for America when I am offering the American people news and information nightly that your own network will not touch because they have an agenda?”

Hannity has also demanded that CBS release the full tape of his interview, which he called “a very good, substantive give-and-take.”

Mr. Koppel has not responded to Mr. Hannity. A spokesman for CBS News said the network would not respond to the angry right-wing nut.

Here’s the part of the interview that is driving Hannity crazy:

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