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Sean Spicer Follows In Kellyanne’s Footsteps, The Press Secretary Was Caught Citing A Nonexistent Terrorist Attack

Last week, Kellyanne Conway made up a huge lie about a massacre that never happened, but someone else in the Trump administration has been citing fake attacks to justify Trump’s travel ban.

Sean Spicer mentioned a nonexistent Atlanta terrorist attack at least three times last month. The Daily Beast was the first one to take notice of his “misspoken” statements. It just seems like there’s a pattern in the White House to make up fake terrorist attacks.

Spicer said in a statement to ABC News on Wednesday night that he “clearly meant Orlando” and not Atlanta. But Trump’s Press Secretary did not make the mistake of using an unheard of attack just once, no, he made the mistake at least three times last month.

On January 29, Spicer said on ABC’s “This Week”:

“What do we say to the family who loses somebody over a terroristic [sic] — to whether it’s Atlanta or San Bernardino or the Boston bomber?”

The same thing happened the very next day, when Spicer spoke on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to:

“What happened if we didn’t act and somebody was killed? … Too many of these cases that have happened — whether you’re talking about San Bernardino, Atlanta … would you wait until you do? The answer is we act now to protect the future.”

And to top it all off, during a briefing that same day, Spicer spoke about the Atlanta attack yet again:

“But I don’t think you have to look any further than the families of the Boston Marathon, in Atlanta, in San Bernardino.”

It is unclear if these mistakes were actually mistakes or if they were plots to implement fake attacks on the American public to raise fear in the people. Who knows, but what is known is that these mistakes have been made multiple times which raises concerns.

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