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Seattle PD Just Trolled InfoWars’ Alex Jones


Seattle PD Just Trolled InfoWars’ Alex Jones

On Friday InfoWars’ Alex Jones took to the streets of Seattle, Washington, to spread his conspiracy theories to people on street. The conspiracy-slinging web series host was confronted by a protestor who spilled hot coffee all over him.

The Seattle Police Department was asked about the incident on Twitter.

“We haven’t received any official reports,” the department tweeted. “As far as we know that could be an actor playing Alex Jones.”

At first it seemed unclear what the Seattle PD was referring to, but it seems that they were taking a jab at Jones for making a comment earlier this week that the white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va. were actually left-leaning people in disguises.

“I mean, quite frankly, I’ve been to these events, a lot of the KKK guys with their hats off look like they’re from the cast of Seinfeld,” Jones said.

“Literally, they’re just Jewish actors,” he said. “Nothing against Jews in general, but they are leftists Jews that want to create this clash and they go dress up as Nazis.”

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