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Sen. McCain Just Responded To Trump’s ‘Insult’ To Native American WWII Veterans

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on Tuesday broke ranks with his own party to make it clear that President Donald Trump’s shameful and insulting behavior is unacceptable.

Trump came under fire after hurling racial slurs during an event intended to honor the NAVAJO code talkers — Native American veterans of World War II— at the White House yesterday. Trump could not help seizing the opportunity to exploit the heroes to launch a racist attack against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass).

In addition to making the heroes stand underneath a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the violently anti-Indian president responsible for the Trail of Tears and other brutal massacres, Trump cracked a joke invoking his racist nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): Pocahontas.

McCain, a military hero himself, took a not so subtle jab at his party’s president, calling him out for the disrespectful display and for “politicizing these genuine American heroes”

We don’t always agree with Senator McCain, but when he finally is pushed to speak out against Trump’s disgraceful acts, he is a voice worth listening to.

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