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Senate Bill To Cut Millions From Medicaid, Here Are The States Who Will Suffer The Most.

Senate Republicans released their version of a bill that will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. But will it be beneficial to the American people?

Well, what we know is that the Senate’s plan, just like the one passed in the House, will cut back on funds to Medicaid.

Under the ACA, states were eligible to expand their Medicaid programs — providing health insurance to low-income people. But that won’t be the case under the GOP’s plan.

The Senate’s bill, titled the Better Care Reconciliation Act, will do away with that expansion. That means that everyone who gained coverage through the expansion would be left without insurance.

So who will be most affected by the Senate’s bill? Business Insider provided a chart of the states that will be hit the hardest by the cuts to Medicaid.

First they showed the states that adopted the Medicaid expansion:


Then they showed the Medicaid expansion enrollment rates:expansion-enrollment

So who will be affected the most by the Senate’s healthcare bill? Ultimately it’s these dark blue states that are most likely to feel the cuts being proposed by Republicans.


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