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Senate Democrats Deliver Another Punch, This Time To Trump’s EPA Nominee


Senate Democrats Deliver Another Punch, This Time To Trump’s EPA Nominee

Democrats Decided to boycott another committee vote for Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Scott Pruitt. Not a single Democrat on the Environment and Public Works panel, led by Sen. Tom Carper, was present in the meeting room which prevent Republicans from moving his confirmation forward.

Donald Trump’s pick to lead the EPA was put through nearly seven hours of questioning during his hearing.

Republican Chairman John Barrasso of Wyoming, called the Democrats’ boycott “political theater.”

Pruitt’s hearing “was historic in its length of time for member questions to the nominee,” he said.

“Attorney General Pruitt has answered more question than any EPA nominee in recent memory. … The minority may not like all of Attorney General Pruitt’s answers, but he’s given them answers.”

Democrats’ move to boycott the voting process Wednesday was due to Barrasso’s refusal to delay the vote until Pruitt gave more substantive answers to numerous questions that they had for him.

Sen. Carper wrote to Barrasso that “the committee Democrats are deeply concerned about the lack of thoroughness of Mr. Pruitt’s responses to our questions for the record.”

“I ask you to direct Mr. Pruitt to disclose information requested by Democratic members with the same level of transparency that this committee has required of past nominees.”

Barrasso decided to deny Carper’s request saying that “Attorney General Pruitt has answered more questions than any past EPA administrator nominee. He has been comprehensively vetted and has demonstrated his qualifications to lead the EPA.”

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