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Senate Intel Committee Just Added Trump’s Personal Attorney To Russia Probe

Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been asked by both the House and Senate investigators “to provide information and testimony” regarding communication he has had with people connected to the Russian government, according to an email Cohen sent to ABC News.

“I declined the invitation to participate as the request was poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered,” Cohen said in the email.

According to ABC News after Cohen declined to cooperate, the Senate Select Intelligence Committee voted last Thursday to give their chairman and ranking Democrat the power to give up subpoenas if they felt it was necessary.

Last month, Cohen tried to defended the president’s relationship with Russia.

“At least there’s a relationship that’s been started between the president and President Putin,” Cohen said. “Now he can actually reach out to him and have a conversation with him that’s not already predicated on tension. The president will get done what he needs to get done.”

On Tuesday Trump took Russia’s side yet again, saying that they are likely “laughing” at the U.S. for continuing reports about the Russian election meddling.

“Russian officials must be laughing at the U.S. & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News,” Trump tweeted Tuesday.

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