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Senate Judiciary Dem Says Trump Jr. May Be Next Mueller Indictment


Senate Judiciary Dem Says Trump Jr. May Be Next Mueller Indictment

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) predicted on Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller has additional indictments coming — which may target Donald Trump, Jr.

Blumenthal, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and is the ranking member of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, made his comments during an interviewed on Friday with “Hardball” host Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

Matthews asked, “What happens if the special counsel goes after family?”

“I think that special counsel is a by-the-book prosecutor that’s going to respect the high standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Blumenthal, who served four years as the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut and 20 years as the state’s attorney general before joining the U.S. Senate.

“If he goes after members of the Trump family, he will have a very powerful case, but two points to keep in mind, Chris. It’s not only special counsel that is a threat to the Trump family, it’s also the Southern District of New York and state authorities and they may have a lot more on financial crimes against Donald Trump, Jr. and others,” he explained.

“And the last point I’d make is Donald Trump, Jr. testified before various Congressional committees — including the Senate Judiciary Committee — and I believe there are very, very serious questions about his truthfulness in testimony before that committee, based not only on Michael Cohen’s testimony, but on other facts and circumstances that have come to our attention,” he continued.

“There may be a very, very powerful case against Don Trump, Jr. and others in the Trump family,” Blumenthal noted. “And we have yet to see the end of the special counsel in terms of indictments, I believe.”

“There’s more coming,” he added.

Watch the video below via MSNBC.

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