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BUSTED: Here’s The Moment Jeff Sessions Gets Exposed For The Liar He Is During Congressional Testimony

In an extraordinary moment during Jeff Sessions testimony before Congress Tuesday, Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) accused the evasive Attorney General of obstructing the Russia investigation by refusing to answer questions.

“There are two investigations here. There is a special counsel investigation. There is also a congressional investigation, and you are obstructing the congressional investigation by not answering these questions, and I think your silence like the silence of Director Coats, like the silence of Admiral Rogers, is telling,” Sen. Heinrich said addressing sessions.

The hearing has been testy as Sessions has not been forthcoming with his answers. The Attorney General has refused to answer questions, parsed his answers, and smothered his answers in I don’t recall and I believe.

But Democrats have not let Sessions get away with this soft shoe routine, and it is not a good look for Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump.

Watch the intense exchange in the video below:

Democrats and Independent Sen. Angus King were increasingly frustrated during the hearing as Sessions has refused to answer questions, even after acknowledging the fact that he is not covered under executive privilege.

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