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Seth Meyer Slams ‘Maniac’ Donald Trump Over ‘Sexist’ Treatment Of Female Reporters

Late-night host Seth Meyers on Monday night unloaded on Donald Trump for his treatment of two female reporters earlier in the day, calling the erratic president “sexist,” and “super demeaning” in his responses to both women during a Rose Garden press conference.

After one question about Brett Kavanaugh, Trump told ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega: “That’s OK, I know you’re not thinking. You never do.” The president also refused to allow Kaitlan Collins of CNN to ask a question about Kavanaugh, who is facing scrutiny following sexual misconduct allegations from three women.

Collins said she wanted to ask Trump about his high court pick, Trump replied, “Don’t do that. Excuse me, do you have a question on trade?”

When she explained she was trying to move to another topic, Trump said, “Don’t do that, that’s not nice. Excuse me, don’t do that.”

Meyers during “Late Night with Seth Meyers” called the press conference “surreal.”

“Today Trump held another surreal press conference in the Rose Garden, ostensibly to discuss his renegotiated NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada,” Meyers said. “But as multiple female reporters tried to ask him about Kavanaugh, he shot them down in super-demeaning and sexist ways.”

“How much of a sexist dick can you possibly be?” Meyers said as a photo of Kavanaugh appeared on screen. “It’s almost like he saw someone else getting attention for acting like a maniac on TV and thought, ‘I can top that.’”

Check out the video below.

Both Vega and Collins took to Twitter to express discontent with Trump’s behavior.

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