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Shep Smith Brutally Debunks Trump’s Lies Seconds After He Says Them On Live TV: Watch

On Friday, Donald Trump held a live press conference to talk about border security and his border wall. Nothing has changed. Trump continues to lie to the American public about the way crimes and drugs come into the country.

Fortunately, following his press conference, Fox News’ Shep Smith decided to fact-check the president’s lies.

“The president’s assertions are refuted by his own government,” Smith said. “The government reports that says the majority of drugs come through ports of call. The Democrats have offered up money to increase security at ports of call.”

The funding of the wall, the host added, was “the subject of the mid-term elections.”

“During the elections, the president campaigned for candidates saying you have to vote for Republicans to build the wall,” Smith said. “The Democrats picked up more than 40 seats in the House of Representatives, ran on no wall funding.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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