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Shep Smith Rips Childish Trump For Wanting Military Parade: He should Play With ‘Mini Replicas’ Instead

Donald Trump’s desire to have a military parade in his name has struck criticism from all over. Fox News host Shep Smith blasted the U.S. president on Wednesday and said he should be given mini replicas of military gear to play with instead.

“[The Pentagon] could give him replicas, little mini replicas,” Smith said. “He wants to see what he has!”

“I had some of those when I was little,” the host quipped.

“You can get the little plastic ones and lay ’em out on a table and say ‘Here you go!’” he said.

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin agreed with Smith and added, “we can play ‘Strategy’ or ‘Risk’.”

“Why not?” Smith mused.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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