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Shep Smiths Schools Trump Supporters, Reminds Them Cohen Scandal Is About A Federal Crime — Not Sex

Most Fox News viewers seem to think that Donald Trump’s “hush money” payouts to his former mistresses are just about a sex scandal, but host Shep Smith reminded viewers that that’s far from the truth.

Smith noted during an interview with the Wall Street Journal‘s Rebecca Davis O’Brien, the reporter who broke the story that the longtime Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg was summoned before a grand jury, that Trump’s “hush money” payouts are about a federal crime and not just a sex scandal.

“It’s important, though we know this, to remember and report often that this is not an investigation, a story of, an unfolding drama of a man’s personal dealings outside of his job — this is not a story about that,” the host said.

“The issue here is: did the president in an effort to sway the results of the 2016 election commit a federal crime when he gave hush money or directed the hush money be given to women that were accusing him of things and might hurt him in the eyes of the public before they went to vote,” Smith continued.

“This is not about sex,” he concluded. “This is about trying to influence the vote. That could be serious.”

Take a look the video footage below:

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