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Shocking Body Cam Footage Of Unarmed Utah Man Being Shot In The Back Is Why People Kneel


Shocking Body Cam Footage Of Unarmed Utah Man Being Shot In The Back Is Why People Kneel

Conservatives, Trump supporters, right-extremists, they all seem to get angry at a man that kneels during the national anthem to peacefully protest the real crimes and injustice against black people in America. Black people have not only been historically mistreated in America, but they are still currently being attacked because of the color of their skin.

There are many things that people can complain about, but complaining about a man kneeling to protest against racial injustice is not one of those things.

Below is a body cam video that shows exactly why people like Colin Kaepernick are protesting in this country.

According to The Guardian:

Prosecutors in Salt Lake City have said officers were justified in killing Patrick Harmon, 50, who was pulled over for riding a bicycle without a light and who attempted to flee when police tried to arrest him. Police are not facing charges despite the fact that the body-camera footage captured officer Clinton Fox shouting “I’ll fucking shoot you!” from a distance before he fired three bullets into Harmon, who was running in the opposite direction.

The video is disturbing and graphic, but it shows the injustice in America.

According to Salt Lake officials, the killing is justified because the officers “feared for their lives.” The video obviously shows a different story.

The reason Kaepernick and other supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement kneel during the national anthem is not to disrespect the flag, or the military, or whatever people think they’re disrespecting. The reason behind the kneeling is because of unjustified killings like this one.

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