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Police Release Shocking Surveillance Video Of Racist Cop Shooting Ex-Girlfriend Before Killing Himself

A horrifying incident was captured by surveillance video when a Florida sheriff’s deputy confronted his ex-girlfriend and shot her with a service pistol before committing suicide.

As reported by The Palm Beach Post:

Three weeks after they broke up, Deputy Michael DeMarco waited in his patrol car outside a Boynton Beach condominium complex on Oct. 12 to confront Yuly Solano, according to police documents cited by the Palm Beach Post.

DeMarco harassed her with constant phone calls and emails after Solano broke up with him for being racist and possessive, according to police reports.

The shocking footage, released by Boynton Beach police on Friday, shows Michael DeMarco climbing out of the car before the two walk side by side out of the frame.

When they reappear, Solano can be seen backing away and holding her hand to her face in apparent fear as DeMarco raises his gun and points it at her.

DeMarco then shot Solano several times before he fired the gun in his chest and head.

According to the report, Solano survived the attack. When Police arrived, they found DeMarco dead on the asphalt, while Solano lay four feet away “screaming in pain and fear.”

She was rushed to the hospital, where she remains in the intensive care unit.

Solano faces several surgeries, and her daughter created a GoFundMe page, writing, “She was shot four times and has survived! She is a miracle of God!”

Watch the video below showing the moment leading up to the shooting.

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