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Shortly After Going Soft On Roger Stone, Bill Barr Claims Dems Want To ‘Release Criminals Onto The Streets’

Hypocrisy in plain sight. Attorney General William Barr attacked Democratic politicians on Tuesday for supporting so-called sanctuary cities with protections for undocumented immigrants. His attack came just hours after the Department of Justice complained that the seven-to-nine year sentence of longtime Trump ally Roger Stone was too harsh and should be lowered.

“[P]eople cannot enjoy freedom and achieve prosperity without the rule of law to protect them,” Barr told the America Winter Conference. “And there can be no rule of law without brave deputies and police officers on the front lines upholding it.”

“But some state and local politicians have taken the precise opposite approach,” the Attorney General complained. “Rather than work together with the federal government to discharge our shared duty, they do everything they can to impede federal law enforcement.”

“The very purpose of these policies is to release criminals onto the streets,” he said.

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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