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‘Both Sides Do It For The Kids’, Fox Host Says In Bizarre Defense Of Roy Moore

The people at Fox News seem to have an infinite repertoire of excuses for alleged sex offenders. On Sunday, Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth suggested that Republican voters would turn out to elect accused child molester Roy Moore (R) to the U.S. Senate “for the kids.”

During a segment criticizing celebrities for supporting Moore challenger Doug Jones (D), host Eboni Williams noted that comedian Patton Oswald had encouraged people to defeat Moore “for the sake of your kids’ education.”

Williams, however, asserted that Oswald’s remarks may have been a subtle jab at Moore’s history of alleged sexual misconduct with children.

“That whole ‘do it for the kids’ just feels a little cheeky,” she complained.

“Don’t both sides do it for the kids?” co-host Pete Hegseth quickly replied, apparently unaware of the irony of his remarks.

“Do everything for the kids,” Williams shrugged.

Watch the segment in the video below:

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