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SNL Writer Responds To Trump’s Tweets Like They’re Personal Texts, And Twitter Loves It

Let’s face it, tweeting is life for President Donald Trump. In fact, he is not only committed to lay out his vision for America 40 characters at the time, the guy is obsessed with it.

You can almost be certain that, in a few minutes, Trump will release a new set of tweets, flooding social media with another self-serving message that will jolt his supporters and provoke his adversaries.

But trump tweets are not the only ones getting media attention. Day in and day out, people rush to reply to the president’s tweets. And sometimes, some of the responses go viral.

In the case of Josh Patten, a star writer for Saturday Night Live, his replies to Trump’s tweets have become a Twitter phenomenon. The reason? He replies to Trump’s tweets as if they were personal text messages.

The SNL writer has gotten some notoriety for his unbiased and hilarious replies to Trump’s tweets. He formally announced his new “project” to respond to Trump tweets like they were texts and let’s just say people are loving the comedic relief.

In many occasions, these text replies have gone viral with thousands of likes.

Take this tweet from Trump showing him exiting a meeting with Mad Dog Mattis and Dreamboat Pence.

Josh is a personal friend of Trump’s, of course, so he wanted to pass along this li’l text.

We’ve all had that text we missed for hours in our inbox…

It’s sooo rude that Josh waited so long to reply to Donald’s USGA tweet. How dare you, sir.


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