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Watch Alec Baldwin Demonstrate How Stupid Trump Fans Really Are


Watch Alec Baldwin Demonstrate How Stupid Trump Fans Really Are

During his highly anticipated SNL performance, Alec Baldwin’s latest Trump impression did not disappoint. In the cold open sketch, Baldwin, as Trump, makes a stop in Union, Kentucky to talk to “his people” in a town hall-style format. He says straight away what we all know he’s thinking:

“I just had an amazing week, folks… Gorsuch was confirmed, the media is saying nice things, and no one is talking about Russia. Wow, what a difference those 50 Tomahawk missiles can make.”
Baldwin’s Trump then decides to take some questions from his supporters. When one man gripes about jobs in America, Trump launches into a tirade about keeping coal jobs forever because “in Trump’s America, men work in two places: coal mines and Goldman Sachs.”

One supporter asks about Obamacare and Baldwin promises to “get rid of it… all of it. Gone. After we’re done, you’ll never have to drive to see a doctor again.”

Yet another man asks about the Federal Rehab Program, to which Baldwin replies, “Junked!” A woman asks about after school programs, to which Baldwin also replies, “Junked!” Minimum wage? “Gone!” Houses? “Junked!” Lead in the water? “We’re going to keep that.”

After each person speaks, though, they reaffirm their commitment to the President. Although that may seem dumbfounded, Baldwin uses a chili metaphor that is shockingly effective:

“It’s like you found a finger in your chili… but you still eat the chili, because you told everyone how much you love chili.”
Eventually, though, even Trump’s most ardent supporters will realize that his policies are hurting them, perhaps worse than anyone else. To them, I say, “don’t be afraid to throw out the chili.”

Watch the sketch in the video below:

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