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SNL’s ‘Come Back, Barack’ R&B Slow Jam Is The Only Video You Need To Watch This Year

Last night on Saturday Night Live, Chance the Rapper led an R&B trio performing a 90s-style quiet storm R&B ballad called “Come Back, Barack” that summed up what so many Americans have been feeling since January of this year.

Clad in white tuxedos, the trio appeals to a lost love, whom they think about at night while staring forlornly at a framed photograph: “Every night I turn the TV on and cry,” they sing. “I say why / I feel we’re all gonna die!”

The hook reveals the punchline. “Come back, Barack,” the group croons in harmony. “We didn’t know just what we had / now things are looking bad / like really bad, like real real bad, like nuclear bad.”

Over a montage of the group singing on music video sets that feel ripped straight from the ‘90s, mixed with images of the 44th president enjoying life after the presidency, the group sings about the Constitutional impediments to his return, about their anxiety about the future of the country, and about watching Barack and Michelle from afar. “Maybe Michelle could run,” they sing. “No, let’s not put Michelle through that. I mean, if she wanted to?”

It’s been quite a year, and “Come Back, Barack” commemorates it all, while also lamenting that the very institutions Americans are hoping to preserve also mean that barring historically unusual circumstances, “we stuck,” as the song puts it, “with this dude for a while then.”

“I can’t even laugh at this,” said viewer Dionna Samuel on Twitter. “It’s too real.”

Watch the video below:

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