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Someone In The WH Is After Trump, Expect More Leaks To Come


Someone In The WH Is After Trump, Expect More Leaks To Come

It was recently leaked that Donald Trump spends a lot of his time unsupervised and doing who knows what. The leak came after Axios released Trump’s schedule which included 60 percent of his time since the midterm election in unstructured “executive time.”

The only thing that the leak did was “embarrass” Trump, according to a CNN panel.

On Monday, the panel said that it’s no surprise that the leak happened as it seems to be a norm in this administration. And now that former Chief of Staff John Kelly is no longer there, leaks are bound to be more frequent.

Political commentator Rick Lowry talked about the recent leak and the possibility of more leaks coming out.

“He doesn’t like being supervised, so it’s not surprising he has huge blocks of unsupervised time,” Lowry said. “The idea that he is in his third year of the presidency, and does not have a team that would prevent this kind of leak from happening, which only has one purpose, to embarrass him. It’s just astonishing.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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