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‘You Sound Like A Nazi Apologist!’ Fox News Analyst Humiliates Tucker Carson – WATCH:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is probably regretting his decision to get into heated exchange with Fox News analyst Ralph Peters on Tuesday, after Peters called him a “Nazi apologist” for his stance on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson was making the case that Americans should be more supportive of the U.S. working with Putin because Russia in fighting ISIS in Syria.

Peters was not buying it.

“You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938, saying, ‘Hitler hasn’t attacked us,'” he charged.

“You just compared me to a Nazi apologist because I asked the question,” Carlson fired back. “Slow down! Slow down! Which is, why not contravene American interest with a group trying to kill ISIS?”

Peters accused Carlson of cheering for Putin, saying the Russian president is as bad as Hitler.

“Vladimir Putin is comparable,” Peters said. “He hates America. He wants to hurt us. And I’m sorry, all this suddenly ‘Vladimir Putin is a good guy, Russia’s OK’ — not it’s not. Russia is evil. Russia is our enemy.”

Peters said Putin is “as close to pure evil as I can find” and “also brilliant.”

“I don’t understand what any American would want an alliance with Russia,” Peters said. “We should be strengthening our alliance with democracies instead of trashing NATO — we should be building it up much more strongly.”

Watch the exchange below:

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