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Speaker At CPAC Says Medicare For All Won’t Work Because It ‘Killed Princess Diana’

On Thursday, a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) argued that giving access to free medical care in America would be a disaster because it once “killed Princess Diana.”

“Socialized medicine killed Princess Diana,” the announcer revealed before asking one of the panelists to explain why.

“Princess Diana was in the car accident in France,” Dr. David Schneider, an orthopedic surgeon, told the crowd. “They actually don’t have any trauma specialists in France.”

“For the first hour after that accident, she was still in that tunnel,” he continued. “And after an hour, they took her to a nearby hospital and she was alive for another three hours and they couldn’t control the bleeding from her pulmonary artery.”

According to Schneider, “there were no trauma trained people there.”

“I really believe, knowing what I know about her care and comparing it to what Congressman Scalise had, Princess Diana would have lived had that accident happened here in America,” he concluded.

Take a look at the remarks in the video clip below:

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