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This Is Spicer’s Ridiculous Excuse As To Why Trump Ignored Yates’ Warning On Flynn


This Is Spicer’s Ridiculous Excuse As To Why Trump Ignored Yates’ Warning On Flynn

On Tuesday White House press secretary Sean Spicer decided to defend the administration’s decision to ignore Sally Yates warning on Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia.

Spicer said during a press briefing on Tuesday, “I think the process worked, frankly, when you think of the time in which we had the information.”

Spicer’s excuse as to why they didn’t listen to Yates was because she was a “political opponent.”

“I think if you flip this scenario and say, ‘what if we just dismissed somebody because a political opponent of the president had made an utterance,’ you would argue that it was pretty irrational to act in that manner,” Spicer added. “We did what we were supposed to do.”

On Monday, Yates testified in front of the Senate and said that she warned the White House about Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak so that the Trump administration “could take action.”

“Sally Yates came here on the 26th of January,” Spicer said. “Then she informed the counsel’s office that there were materials that were relevant to the situation. It wasn’t ’til about seven days later that they had access to those documents.”

Spicer’s statements were false. Yates told the Senate Judiciary that she called White House Counsel Don McGahn on January 30, four days after sending her first warning.

She told McGahn that he could come over to the DOJ to review the details of Flynn’s communication with Kislyak.

Yates went on to state that during the meetings, “Mr. McGahn demonstrated that he understood that this was serious.” But she went on to say that she wasn’t sure if the White House took any additional action.

“If they didn’t take any action, that would certainly be concerning,” Yates said.

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