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Spoiled Food And More: Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Fails State Health Inspection

Donald Trump has loved using taxpayer money to take trips to his exclusive resort in Palm Beach. Now, according to the Miami Herald, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago required emergency repairs in order to pass a November inspection by Florida health inspectors.

The report stated that on November 8th, the so-called “Winter White House” was cited for “the lack of smoke detectors capable of alerting the hearing impaired through flashing bright lights; and slabs of concrete missing from a staircase, exposing steel rebar that could cause someone to fall.”

But that wasn’t all. The resort also failed to pass food-safety regulations.

According to the Miami Herald, “The November inspections of the club’s two main kitchens, meanwhile, yielded a total 15 violations. Among the no-nos was the staff’s failure to track the freshness of potentially hazardous foods, including curry sauce dated Oct. 21 pulled from a freezer and improperly marked, milk stored at 49 degrees instead of the safe temperature of 41 degrees, and cases of hot dogs stored on the ground of the walk-in freezer.”

Trump’s club was also cited earlier in his presidency when “inspectors found sushi fish ready for consumption without the obligatory treatment for parasites and cited the club for storing food in two broken down coolers at temperatures that spoiled fresh ingredients,” the Miami Herald reminded.

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