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Stephen Colbert Just DEMOLISHED Nunes: ‘He Is So Far Up Trump’s ASSociates’


Stephen Colbert Just DEMOLISHED Nunes: ‘He Is So Far Up Trump’s ASSociates’

What do we know about Devin Nunes? We know that he is leading the investigation to see if the Trump administration had any ties to Russia during the election.

But we also know that Nunes knows information that Trump and his associates were possibly having their communications “incidentally collected” by the intelligence community during the transition period.

And what has Nunes done with this information? Well Stephen Colbert decided to break it down for all his viewers.

“I can’t tell if we’re going to learn anything from Nunes,” Colbert said on Tuesday’s “Late Show.” “He doesn’t seem all that focused on Russia, because he spent a lot of time trying to validate Trump accusing Obama of wiretapping him.”

There’s much speculation now that Nunes is working with Trump rather than investigating his ties to Russia. He is now under fire for revealing that he discovered the information while on White House grounds and then shared it first with the president before informing his colleagues on the investigation committee.

“Oh, that is brilliant detective work,” the host said. “You gather all the evidence you can on the prime suspect, then you share it with him. It’s all part of CBS’s new show, ‘CSI: Washington No Investigation.'”

Colbert broke down the whole thing with his “Figure-It-Out-a-Tron.” Take a look below:

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