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Stephen Colbert Just EXPOSED Steve Bannon For Being A Nazi

Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has gotten a lot of criticism for his website Breitbart News, which is a far-right site for white supremacists and Neo-nazis. Stephen Colbert decided to take a shot at Bannon while criticizing the Trump administration’s claim that major media outlets underreport terrorism as it produced a list of 78 violent attacks.

During a segment on Tuesday night’s “Late Show,” Colbert talked about what many reporters did earlier that day, that many of the attacks mentioned on the list were actually covered intensively, like those in San Bernadino, Orlando, Paris and Nice.

Colbert also pointed out that the list had a lot of typos.

It’s “loaded with typos, like ‘attaker’ instead of ‘attacker’ and ‘Denmakr’ instead of ‘Denmark,’” Colbert said.

He then made a joke with a slight sting towards Bannon, claiming that “at least we know Steve Bannon isn’t a grammar Nazi.”

He posted a clip of it on his Twitter page where he referred to Bannon as “President Bannon.”

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