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Watch Stephen Colbert Take Down Trump’s Cruel Budget In True ‘Colbert’ Fashion

He’s back, people. On Monday night, host Stephen Colbert welcomed a very special guest during his ‘Late Show’ opening monologue: America’s most fearless purveyor of ‘truthiness’ “Stephen Colbert.”

Yep, the comedian brought on an iteration of his ‘Colbert Report’ conservative-blowhard character to break down President Trump’s first budget—one that critics have labeled a “cruel” and hard-power budget” because it features a $54 billion increase in military spending, as well as the elimination of federal programs aimed to help the poor.

“This budget is so ruthless it’s cutting funding for Meals on Wheels. Really? Cutting Meals on Wheels? That isn’t just heartless, it’s bad marketing. You always stick with things that rhyme,” joked Colbert, before getting serious. “This program provides elderly shut-ins just minimal nutrition and a scrap of human dignity. What kind of heartless monster would be against that?”

“Did someone say fiscal conservative,” replied the host’s “conservative pundit colleague ‘Stephen Colbert.’”

Yes, “Stephen Colbert” then made a dramatic meta-entrance replete with smoke, a sword, and a Captain America shield.

Watch what followed in the video below:

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