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Stephen Miller Is Avoiding The Media As Trump Spews Racism All Week

Stephen Miller Is Avoiding The Media As Trump Spews Racism All Week

White House advisor Stephen Miller, who is known for his harsh stance on immigration and being in the president’s ear when it comes to racism, is nowhere to be found as Donald Trump continues to spew racist nonsense on Twitter and on television.

According to the Daily Beast, Miller has been missing at the White House.

With the Beast noting, “Over the years, the 33-year-old senior policy adviser to the president has become virtually synonymous with the draconian immigration measures of the administration. He was a driving force behind the president’s brutal family-separation policy, one of the architects of Trump’s ‘Muslim travel ban,’ constantly agitates against legal immigration levels and refugees, and serves as the top White House speechwriter,” the report states that Miller is rarely seen or heard from lately.

A source spoke with the Beast and told them that Miller has been really careful about who he talks to or even what he says on the phone out of fear he is being recorded and his comments will be leaked.

“Two other knowledgeable sources say that over the past two years, he’s cut off regular contact with most of his allies outside of the Trump administration and in advocacy groups because he wants to keep his circle of potential leakers as small as he can,” the report continues adding that he now shuns going on TV to explain the president’s immigration policies.

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