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Stephen Miller Shoots Himself In The Foot As Racist Agenda Backfires



Stephen Miller Shoots Himself In The Foot As Racist Agenda Backfires

Stephen Miller, who is the racist “mastermind” behind Donald Trump’s racist immigration policies, may have shot himself in the foot with the administration’s latest immigration policy.

Washington Post reporter Jackie Alemany noted on Tuesday that the new rule that denies immigrants a green card for having had used any public programs would have kept Miller’s own grandfather out of the United States.

“We should note another notable descendant of immigrants,” said Alemany on CNN’s “The Situation Room.” “Stephen Miller, written by his uncle actually, his grandfather immigrated to Ellis Island after fleeing Belarus from violent anti-Jewish pogroms. He came with $8 in his pocket. The sheer hypocrisy.”

These policies, Alemany noted, are “currently wreaking havoc on communities already here.”

“The Washington Post reported yesterday that actually 20 percent of legal immigrants living in New York City have already withdrawn from a lot of benefits they’re recipients of, because they’re living in fear,” added Alemany. “Changing asylum laws, deporting, mass deportations, there are tons of Americans living in fear at the moment.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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