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Watch: Kellyanne Conway Gets Brutally Shut Down After Making Bogus Claim About Comey Firing

Appearing on “Good Morning America,” senior White House adviser and chief Trump apologizer Kellyanne Conway descended into a whining rant when ABC News host George Stephanopoulos grilled her about some of the claims made by former FBI Director James Comey in their Sunday interview.

As usual, the alternative facts evangelist began by reciting the White House talking points about President Donald Trump firing the former director for good reasons. However, she lamented that his commentary about Trump’s appearance and hand size was “really gutter.”

Conway also confessed that Comey likely “swung an election” when he announced the FBI would reopen the Clinton investigation, which hadn’t been closed to begin with.

“He’s an admitted leaker,” Conway claimed, parroting Trump. Former White House ethics director Walter Shaub, however, noted that it was elected Republicans in Congress who first “leaked” the investigation about Clinton.

Over and over, the co-host hammered Conway’s “alternative facts” and finally demanded to know if “the president have any evidence to back up his side of the story.”

Conway then tried to claim that during his Senate testimony, Comey confessed that Trump never asked him to drop the investigation into former national security advisors Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

“Kellyanne, I have to stop you there,” Stephanopoulos cut in. “Because that’s not correct either.” He noted that Comey testified that no one at the Justice Department asked him to stop the investigation. He made no comment about Trump. “He was not asked about the president” by senators.

Comey “loved being in the proximity of power,” Conway claimed as a justification for her attacks.

Watch the full interview below via ABC News.

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