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Suspicion Roams The Air: Here’s Why Nunes Being At The White House Proves Of A Trump/Russia Cover-Up

Devin Nunes spent the time at the White House just a day before he made his claim that Trump was spied on. Bill Kristol, founder of the conservative Weekly Standard, explained to MSNBC’s Chris Jansing why Nunes being there is evidence of a Trump/Russia cover-up operation.

Kristol said, “In terms of security, it’s just like the White House. You have to go through the east entrance or the southern entrance….You have to get cleared in by someone in the White House. So Devin Nunes can not just show up at the White House and say, ‘Hey, I’m chairman of a committee in the House, and I’d to clear in someone, an outsider, to meet with me, Bill Kristol, because you have a nice room or even a secure room for me to meet in.’ What tells me is most likely, and obviously, I don’t know this, but putting two and two together about how the White House works, Devin Nunes was meeting with someone on the White House staff, or someone cleared in by the White House staff…I do believe the evidence is mounting up that Nunes got whatever information that he claims to have for his charges from the White House.”

There seems to be a growing speculation that Nunes is up to something and it’s quite suspicious.

Kristol added that if Nunes got his info from the White House than the rush to brief the president, and the press conferences that the House Intelligence Committee chairman held were all PR.

So why is Nunes being at the White House just a day before his claims such a big deal? Well, it appears that the White House fed Nunes information in an attempt to derail the House Intelligence Committee investigation. In other words, the White House tried to cover-up the Russia scandal by planting false information about Trump being spied on to get investigators off their trail.

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