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George Takei Obliterates Trump’s Golfing Weekends With One Perfect Tweet


George Takei Obliterates Trump’s Golfing Weekends With One Perfect Tweet

Famed Star Trek actor and social media sensation George Takei, completely destroyed President Trump in one viral tweet this weekend.

Following the announcement that Trump would be taking another taxpayer-funded trip to Mar-a-Lago — his own private golf resort in Florida — for the 10th time since his inauguration, the iconic actor blasted Trump for his hypocrisy, given the plethora of tweets he sent during the Obama administration about his predecessor’s much-less-frequent golfing trips:

george takei tweet

Takei hit the nail on the head — back when Trump was just your average orange-toned billionaire real estate mogul with a reality TV show and not the President of the United States, there was no shortage of tweets from Trump criticizing former President Barack Obama for occasionally getting away from the White House to play golf.


Of course, there’s no comparison between the two presidents in terms of how much taxpayer money is being spent on vacations. As McClatchy reported in December, President Obama cost taxpayers approximately $85 million on vacations during his eight years in office, averaging to a little over $10 million per year.

Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago, however, cost taxpayers an estimated $3 million apiece, with a large portion payable to Donald Trump himself. This means President Trump has already cost taxpayers more than $30 million on his vacations in just the first two months of his administration.

At this rate, Trump’s weekly escapades will cost taxpayers over $156 million per year.

This is truly infuriating.

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