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Watch: Teacher Dragged Out Of School In Handcuffs For Asking Why The Superintendent Got a Raise While Teachers Haven’t Gotten One In years

A teacher was arrested and dragged out of school in handcuffs after asking a question at Vermilion Parish School Board Meeting during a discussion about renewing the superintendent’s contract.

A video posted on Youtube shows teacher Deisha Hargrave questioning the board’s decision to give the superintendent a raise while teachers haven’t gotten a raise in years. That was enough for her to be arrested and escorted out of the school in handcuffs.

The board asked her to leave, but before she could leave on her own, a city marshal’s deputy led her out of the boardroom and cuffed her in the hallway outside.

Board member Kibbie Pillette says the board voted 5 to 3 to give the superintendent a 3-year extension with a $38 thousand dollar raise.

Incredibly, Superintendent Jerome Puyau was reportedly planning to press charges against Hargrave for asking the question.

Watch the video below:

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