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Ted Cruz Is Being Dragged All Over the Internet After Being Crushed By Sally Yates

During a Senate hearing Monday, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testified on the alleged ties between President Donald Trump’s administration and Russia. In a moment that has taken the internet by storm, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to smear Yates over her decision to defy Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. It didn’t go well.

Yates proceeded to school the Texas Senator in the most EPIC way. Within minutes of the exchange, the internet went into overdrive:

“Omg Sally Yates just handed Ted Cruz his a** on a platter. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” tweeted Natalie morales.

“Yates is going to be a Democratic superstar after this,” tweeted Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. “And a few GOP senators prob delighted she skewered Cruz.”

“Does Yates get to be the new Senator from Texas?,” MSNBC national security analyst Matthew Miller tweeted. “Because she just beat both Cruz and Cornyn to a pulp.”

Check out the video of Yates and Cruz’s word-sparring below, along with more tweets about it.

And that was only the beginning:



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