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Ted Cruz Is Furious Because People Are Comparing Beto O’Rourke To JFK: ‘They’ve Lost Their Minds’

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is locked in fierce battle with Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, and he’s freaking out over Beto’s rising popularity.

“We’ve got a race on our hands,” Cruz said during an interview at his high-rise campaign headquarters Friday morning. “If you’re a wealthy liberal sitting in New York City or Massachusetts or San Francisco right now and you could defeat one Republican in the country, it’d be me, that’s why the money is flowing in here.”

President Trump has pledged to come campaign for Cruz, something the conservative lawmaker welcomes. President Trump is also driving Democratic energy, which Cruz says correlates to his stiff re-election effort.

“With the election of Donald Trump, the far left has lost their minds,” Cruz said. “The extreme left, they are energized, they’re angry and they have a lot of hatred for President Trump.”

But there’s something else that is making Cruz upset.

The 45-year-old O’Rourke has been likened to “The next Obama,” by Esquire and “Kennedyesque” by Vanity Fair, and Cruz believes positive press like that encourages out-of-state Democratic donors.

“Their favorite adjective is Kennedyesque,” Cruz said. “They all talk about his hair and his teeth, they talk about no substance, nothing about his record, they don’t talk about his being open to abolishing ICE, they don’t talk about his wanting to impeach the president.”

“They’ve lost their minds,” he insisted.

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