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Ted Cruz Said That Trump Would Nuke Denmark In Chilling Video

Ted cruz

In a bizarre move, President Donald Trump on Tuesday called off a previously scheduled trip to Denmark because the Prime Minister of that country wasn’t interested in selling him Greenland. The president’s absurd decision stunned the world, to say the least, but someone did warn us this might happen.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz made some comments back in 2016 that are looking pretty prescient from the perspective of 2019. Cruz warned Americans that if Trump was elected president, he might nuke Denmark. Seriously.

Cruz’s old comments, which were made during the New Hampshire primaries in February of 2016, were recently highlighted by Craig Caplan, a producer for CSPAN. And Cruz’s words are kind of chilling, given the absolutely bonkers behavior we’re witnessing by the current “leader” of the free world.

Senator Cruz said that Trump was throwing a temper tantrum, or a “Trumper tantrum,” he joked, after losing the Iowa caucus. One reporter noted that Trump had called Cruz a “cheater” and a “fraud,” and asked if that bothered the Texas senator.

“Donald’s insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets,” Cruz told the reporter.

“I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted, because he’s losing it. But we need a commander in chief, not a Twitterer in chief,” Cruz said. “We need someone with judgment and the temperament to keep this country safe. I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button.”

“I mean, we’re liable to wake up one morning and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark,” Cruz continued. “That’s not the temperament of a leader to keep this country safe.”

President Trump does very much have his finger on the button here in the year 2019. The president has the ability to launch a unilateral nuclear strike anytime he likes, and even though Cruz has become a lapdog for Trump, the Texas senator was absolutely correct that we should all be concerned.

Cruz’s comment was clearly intended as a joke, but can anyone honestly say that it feels like a joke anymore?

President Trump is a national security threat to the United States, and it’s hard to overstate the damage he’s causing to relationships with crucial allies.


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